RAKU – 2ed edition (T. Andrews)

Hard cover, 224 pages.

Over the last thirty years interest in the raku pottery technique has grown hugely – the excitement, immediacy and unpredictability of the raku process catching and firing the imagination of professional and amateur potters alike. A growing number of potters have turned to this medium as a serious expression of their work, finding new (or perhaps old) and varied techniques to explore, and thriving on the opportunities provided by the raku process to transform accidents and mistakes into new techniques or innovative pieces. This new edition of Raku has new text and is beautifully illustrated in full colour throughout with an almost totally new selection of images from the work of many highly- regarded raku potters featured. Raku provides all the essential practical information needed to raku fire and will also be an inspiration for other potters and a source of delight for all those interested in contemporary ceramics

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